Pokemon Generation V and more!

Today I thought I would share my thoughts on the new generation of Pokemon and previous gens. Now my favorite generation of Pokemon will always be 2 but gen 1 holds most of my favorite Pokemon. I do love the new battle mods in gen 5, triple being my favorite, and the new updated sprites make me a happy panda.  Anyway here's a few of my favorite and least favorite pokemon.

                                                           Gotta say Zekrom is pretty cool

Well here are some of my least favorite.

                                                             Ice cream uses sprinkles!

                                                               Just look at that pedobeaver.

Now here's my favorites.


 Just look at him, a giant purple rhino dinosaur he is here to do one thng and one thing only, kill you and your entire family.

                  My favorite ghost Pokemon. Just look at that grin he just knows hes better than you.


My favorite Pseudo Legendary. He's epic 'nuff said.

                                                  Hes a Dragon I don't have to explain anything.

Now out of the new starters for gen v i like Oshawott the most. (even his narwhal evolution)

                                                           Altough my favorite gen starters is gen 1

My favorite starter is Charmander gotta love the lil guy.

                                            A dinosaur/salamander who breathes fire. Need I say more?

Now as of now I haven't beaten white yet so I don't know how the story ends, but gen 2s story was the best in my opinion especially the remake. (the time traveling fight with Giovanni was so damn epic) And the ability to go to Kanto after you beat the elite 4 was amazing. Also something I have noticed about gen V is the lack of need for HMs so far I have had to use cut once and I'm at the 6th gym back in the day you needed to use HMs just to get from one place to the other.

I don't really like the new rivals, I still think Blue/Green was the best rival. Now you may call me a gen 1 fanatic/elitist but I assure you I just prefer them over the newer gens, I won't bash you for liking one gen over another. I do enjoy every gen for what it is, It's just preference. I have plenty more Pokemon things to talk about but I think that will do for now.


  1. the newer rivals seem to be more lively though

  2. lmao at the ice cream one! i havent seen that

  3. I've lost all site of this franchise. Pokemon is too complicated nowadays, "back in my day" we had 100 and there was only red, blue, and yellow for the gameboy color. Good times.

  4. It seems the newest pokemon are just plain absurd... Sure, an electric yellow rat made you question if the designers were tripping acid, but it made more sense than a FIGHTING ICE CREAM CONE. x_x

  5. Yeah I mean you can only do so much before you start running out of ideas. What's up with that icecream one?

  6. This game is so fun! The new rivals are so fun

  7. gengar and dragonite are pokemon i use as part of my team whenever they're in a pokemon game, they're well rounded pokemon. Ive started a pokemon black game last week and im liking the graphics update.

  8. Gen 1 will always hold a special place in my heart, but technically speaking, the newer generations are MUCH better games.

    About a month ago I played through both Black and White on my DS emulator. They were the first Pokemon games I'd played since Ruby/Sapphire, and I was blown away by how much Pokemon games have progressed. The gyms are now actual puzzles (some of them actually complex), and the games are now more challenging than I remember them being.

    As for the new Pokemon designs, I like quite alot of them. I think there's alot more good designs in Black/White than there were in Diamond/Pearl.

    And the amount of post game content in these games is insane, and I really like how they dynamically change based on online activity. I actually thought about buying a DS just for Black/White, but since I recently got laid off that's out of the question.

    tl;dr Black and White are great games and everyone should play them

  9. I think I died a little inside...an Ice Cream Cone pokemon? Personally, I have always been partial to Golem and Hypno.

  10. That's a nice pic of charmander right there! :)

  11. I am a huge pokemon fan, but gen1 is my favorite and will most likely remain that way I just like the pokemon the most in it, and i like the rival system. Now you are going against friends. Before it use to be these rivals that abused and mistreated pokemon.

  12. Gen 1 is pure nostalgia, and still the best gen!

  13. I'm also a fan of Gen1 but I could never go back to it now. It's just been overplayed for me; even the remakes Leaf Green and Fire Red. But I really enjoyed playing through Soul Silver and I'm loving the shit out of White, minus the encounter rate and some strange pokemon.

    I really like your blog ~Followed :D

  14. Awesome blog! Followed.

    I bought White but haven't had the chance to play it yet. I loved Soul Silver! But gen 1 Pokemon will always be the best.

  15. It seems like the producers are running out of ideas now... i mean an ice-cream cone?

    Anyway, I like the blog! *follows*

  16. oh god so much gen V derp. I love the ice cream cone, its so original of game freak to make a delicious dairy treat into a breedable monster

  17. My favorite starter was charmander too!

    Good times.

  18. cool post dude. + one follower

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  19. wow at the ice cream cone...they need to fire that dude.