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To hold you over til the next post :3 Played WoW for about 3 days straight now.


Update and Skyrim love.

Hey guys sorry I've been away for awhile I've been treating my self to nonstop WoW and Pokemon. :D

Anyway I figured I would share this with you, and yes I'm extremely excited for Skyrim. :D


Pokemon Generation V and more!

Today I thought I would share my thoughts on the new generation of Pokemon and previous gens. Now my favorite generation of Pokemon will always be 2 but gen 1 holds most of my favorite Pokemon. I do love the new battle mods in gen 5, triple being my favorite, and the new updated sprites make me a happy panda.  Anyway here's a few of my favorite and least favorite pokemon.

                                                           Gotta say Zekrom is pretty cool

Well here are some of my least favorite.

                                                             Ice cream uses sprinkles!

                                                               Just look at that pedobeaver.

Now here's my favorites.


 Just look at him, a giant purple rhino dinosaur he is here to do one thng and one thing only, kill you and your entire family.

                  My favorite ghost Pokemon. Just look at that grin he just knows hes better than you.


My favorite Pseudo Legendary. He's epic 'nuff said.

                                                  Hes a Dragon I don't have to explain anything.

Now out of the new starters for gen v i like Oshawott the most. (even his narwhal evolution)

                                                           Altough my favorite gen starters is gen 1

My favorite starter is Charmander gotta love the lil guy.

                                            A dinosaur/salamander who breathes fire. Need I say more?

Now as of now I haven't beaten white yet so I don't know how the story ends, but gen 2s story was the best in my opinion especially the remake. (the time traveling fight with Giovanni was so damn epic) And the ability to go to Kanto after you beat the elite 4 was amazing. Also something I have noticed about gen V is the lack of need for HMs so far I have had to use cut once and I'm at the 6th gym back in the day you needed to use HMs just to get from one place to the other.

I don't really like the new rivals, I still think Blue/Green was the best rival. Now you may call me a gen 1 fanatic/elitist but I assure you I just prefer them over the newer gens, I won't bash you for liking one gen over another. I do enjoy every gen for what it is, It's just preference. I have plenty more Pokemon things to talk about but I think that will do for now.


Theme music in games

Well for my first blog post about games I'm going to start off with theme music in games new and old. Music themes in games can range from up beat techno to steady rock right on down to heartrendingly slow orchestral pieces. But theme music in gaming isnt limited to the game itself, for the most part characters and bosses get themes as well. Here are a few of my favorite themes in gaming.

First up is a classic, the Mortal Kombat theme by the Inmortals is well known to all and one of the catchiest beats in existence. It also gives you super kung fu powers of badassness and allows you to shoot nukes out your eyes.
             Doesn't it just make you want to go punch babies in the face with a deathclaw gauntlet?

Next is Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure 2 by Crush 40. Live and Learn is actually one of my favorite songs, I love every bit of it to the lyrics to the epic guitar its just 100% pure awesomeness, and its not just me this is regarded as the best song in a Sonic game by the legion of Sonic fans.

            Fun fact: Crush 40s vocalist is also the vocalist for the bands Hardline and Axel Rudi Pell.

Next we have two boss themes. The first is the Pokemon Champions/Red's theme from Pokemon Gold,Silver, and Crystal. Now here's a song to get your blood boiling, when I first heard this oh so many years ago this song sucked me into my Gameboy and I felt as if I was really there battling Red.
                                               Here's the original......oh the memories.

                                                               And here is a badass remix 

 Now for the second boss theme, Vector to the Heavens. This theme isn't upbeat, it isn't meant to get your blood pumping, its there to sound epic and depress the hell out of you. This beautiful piece is from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and is composed by Yoko Shimomura. Now I love the music from the Kingdom Hearts series with a passion but I don't feel like posting 50+ songs from it right now. Now a little bit about the theme and I'll try not to spoil the story for those who haven't played, and those who haven't should. Right. Now. Later on in the game your forced to kill one of the protagonists and not just kill, but erase them from existence, even memories of them disappear forever. And by this point the main character and the boss have spent a lot of time together forging a strong friendship, with subtle romantic hints. Its just.....so....sad.... :(

                                                                    All I can say is Epic.

This one is just amazing, one of the best. I'm talking about The Moon Stage theme from Ducktales on the NES. This was by far the best song in the game, it was also the coolest stage. I mean c'mon its the moon. This was also one of my favorite songs to come from a NES game.


                                                                 And heres an epic remix

This last one is another Kingdom Hearts theme. Its the theme of Roxas The other promise composed by Yoko Shimomura. This theme is a very sad one I won't go into details as it would take a year to explain it all.

                                                                       :\ Poor Roxas.

Well that about wraps that up. Stick around for more I have killer bunnies, cyborg sharks and plenty of babies to punch on the way!


Please allow me to introduce myself... I'm a man of mode-7 and blast processing.

Well boys and girls of the internet i figure we should start with an introduction. I am one of the nerdiest people on the face of planet Earth, and I will be sharing my opinions about other nerdy things. Pokemon is a not so secret obsession of mine, I've been addicted ever since my mother got me my Pokemon Yellow Special Edition Gameboy Color.

                                                                Ahhhh... sweet nostalgia

 I also enjoy other games retro and new alike, my favorite retro game being a tie between Final Fantasy VI and Super Mario World, as for newer games I love the Kingdom Hearts series to death. I could go on and on about my favorite games but I would be be here all day.

                                                                  ^Epic Badassery^

I'm not all about the games though I enjoy music, movies, novels, TV, and comics as well. There's also my love for Legos. I also have a huge interest in mythology and urban legends.

                                                                    Me Gusta :3

Well that about wraps that up so I'm off to save the universe.


For your entertainment here is a penguin riding a bearshark. ^_^